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Case Studies

EduQual comes highly recommended! Read on for a selection of case studies…


7H Directory

Founded in 1988 and located in Cairo, 7H Directory is an established educational institution with a focus on Knowledge Management and Information Technology. 7H Directory operates under an advisory board, headed by Dr Maher Ezzat who stated: “We are very proud to build upon our ‘7H for Life and Business Skills’ methodology by obtaining approval from EduQual to deliver their Diplomas in Business Management (SCQF Level 11) and Business and Marketing Management (SCQF Level 8).” {Back}

Al Hilal Education Group

The Al Hilal Education Group is composed of seven centres in UAE and Oman, including Al Mihad Training Centre (Sharjah), City International Training Centre (Ajman) City International Training Centre (Ajman) and City College International (Fujairah). Group Chairman, Abdul Aziz stated “Being new to delivering high-level UK vocationally-related Diplomas, the support and guidance provided by EduQual to our faculty was invaluable – any initial teething problems were quickly and efficiently addressed by the EduQual team”. {Back}

Allied Health Care Services

Allied Health Care Services is the premier geriatric and home-assisted living provider in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and delivers a specialised course accredited by EduQual: the Certificate in Home Health Care (EduQual Level 2). {Back}

Al-Shabaka Technical Institutional Academy

Al-Shabaka Technical Institutional Academy (ASTI) in UAE is one of the fastest growing technical and management training institutions in the Gulf Region. ASTI is approved by EduQual to run a variety of standard qualifications. In addition, EduQual accredits and awards ASTI’s suite of customised KHDA-approved Higher International Diplomas (EduQual Level 5) in: Automobile Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Quantity Surveying, and two KHDA-approved International Diplomas (EduQual Level 3) in Business and Engineering – see the KHDA website for confirmation. {Back}

Blue Whale Academy

Blue Whale Academy in Mumbai is a well-established provider of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality training programmes. They are approved by EduQual to run a variety of standard and bespoke programmes including the EduQual Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality and Tourism Management. Mr T Pitambar (owner) stated: “The vocational nature of EduQual qualifications has reinforced our commitment to ensuring a near 100% success rate in terms of securing job placements for our learners.” {Back}

Caribbean College of Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism

Based in Trinidad, the Caribbean College of Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism (CCCAHT) is run by a team of locally and internationally trained industry professionals with a passion for educating and training the next generation. EduQual accredits and awards a range of CCCAHT courses in culinary arts, baking and pastry, and local / regional cuisine. These courses capitalise on the unique knowledge and skills of the CCCAHT trainers who between them possess over 100 years of high-level experience.
Colin Mohammed, CCCAHT Director commented: “By being an approved EduQual Centre and by offering EduQual-accredited courses, our Learners are well-placed to further their studies and enjoy exciting employment opportunities all over the world, including the Caribbean, North America and Europe!” {Back}


Cfast was the brain-child of Dr Biju Krishnan, a pioneering, award-winning dentist on the editorial board of Aesthetic Dentistry Today and the Clinical Board of the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry. Dr Krishnan added, “The postgraduate-level Diploma in Orthodontics (EduQual level 7), delivered by Cfast in conjunction with Academic and Clinical Excellence in Orthodontics (ACE), and awarded by EduQual is aimed specifically at the general dental practitioner and designed to fit easily around the busy schedules of those in general practice”. {Back}

Customer 1st

Customer 1st is a UK-based training provider with corporate clients in the UK and overseas, including Unilever, BT and MTN. Stephanie Edwards (Director) stated “Our suite of EduQual-accredited Customer Service qualifications enables our clients to deliver a world-class service that improves brand loyalty, attracts and retains customers and reduces costs”. {Back}

Elite Bright Solutions Training and Consultancy

Based in the UAE, Elite Bright Solutions Training and Consultancy delivers professional training courses across a variety of sectors. Courses offered include the International Diploma in Facilities Management (EduQual Level 7), and the International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety (EduQual Level 7). {Back}

Egyptian Culture Centre for Consultations

ECC specialises in providing non-traditional educational and training solutions to learners. ECC allows learners to build transferable skills that have value to employers. Since its foundation, ECC has succeeded in providing education and training for various international brands including Toyota, Samsung, Schweppes, El Sewedy, El Rashidi El Mizan, and Olympic Group.

ECC currently has students from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Libya, Qatar, Iraq, Turkey, Kuwait and Jordan, who are taught by professors and lecturers from leading universities.

Dr Essam Serry, Academic Director, stated: “To survive and prosper in the modern world, companies need to be flexible, fast-moving and fast-learning. ECC undertakes to assist companies in ensuring that their teams have the right balance of skills and experience to achieve their organisation’s goals.” {Back}

Future Education World

Future Education World, trading as Future Training Center, is based in Ajman, UAE, and provides high-quality, affordable education and training. FTC Ajman Managing Director Lubna Sajjad commented, “We offer a range of standard and customised qualifications awarded by EduQual including the EduQual Level 3 Diplomas in International Foundation Studies (Business) and International Foundation Studies (Computing)… both 175 EduQual credits – Learners who complete these Diplomas may be considered for entry onto UK Bachelors degree programmes (Year 1). We also offer EduQual Level 4 and Level 5 Diplomas in Creative Computing – “Learners who complete these Diplomas may be considered for entry onto the second and third years of UK Bachelors degree programmes”.

The EduQual Qualification Framework for customised programmes mirrors the Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework e.g. EduQual Level 3 is equivalent to Ofqual RQF Level 3, and 175 EduQual credits is equivalent to 175 Ofqual RQF credits.

In addition, learners who complete the EduQual Diploma in Business and Marketing Management (SCQF Level 8) in FTC can progress onto the final year of the BA (Hons) Business and Management degree, delivered by Bath Spa University campus at Future College, Ras Al Khaimah UAE. {Back}

HC Skills International

Based in the West of Scotland Science Park, HC Skills International is a leading provider of training to the medical profession and healthcare industry. HC Skills runs a range of standard and customised programmes awarded by EduQual – these innovative training programmes are delivered globally to a wide range of , including practicing medics, dentists, and individuals employed by internationally recognised companies and organisations, such as the NHS, Johnson & Johnson and Olympus Keymed.

HC Skills’ flag-ship training programme is the EduQual Award in Access to Operating Theatres (SCQF Level 8) which enables a wide range of Healthcare and Medical Technology professionals to demonstrate they possess the necessary skills, knowledge, character and capacity to carry out their role safely and effectively in a critical care environment.

HC Skills International CEO, Diane Irvine, said “We have worked with many UK awarding organisations in the past, but the day-to-day service provided by EduQual is second to none. Always quick to respond, they are professional and affordable, without compromising quality”. {Back}

I2U Learning Solutions PVT Ltd, trading as The Academy of Dental Excellence (ADE)

The Academy of Dental Excellence (ADE), a leading provider of dental education and training, delivers a range of postgraduate-level dentistry qualifications, awarded by EduQual. Qualifications include: Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry (EduQual Level 7), Postgraduate Certificate in Theoretical Management of Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry (EduQual Level 7) and Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry (EduQual Level 7). {Back}

Hyacinth Guy Human Resource Company

Based in Trinidad and Tobago, the Hyacinth Guy Human Resource Company specialises in Human Resource Management, as well as Conflict Analysis, Resolution and Management.

Passionate about the continuous professional development of HRM practitioners, founder Dr Hyacinth Guy said: “Our partnership with EduQual has enabled us to provide the support, guidance, and rigorous framework for designing our specialised HRM programmes. EduQual has met and exceeded our expectations.” {Back}

IBS (International Business Skills)

International Business Skills (IBS) is the trading name of Professional Skills Development, a registered UAE company. IBS has been an EduQual-approved centre since 2016 and delivers a suite of SCQF credit-rated qualifications. IBS courses range from a full Diploma in Business Skills to a range shorter single-unit Awards, which include Business Etiquette, Business Communication, Time Management, and People Skills amongst others. {Back}

ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute

Based in Manchester, ICE is one of the premier providers of postgraduate dental implant and digital dentistry training and education in the UK.

ICE Director, Professor Cemal Ucer, contributed to the revision of the Training Standards in Implant Dentistry (TSID, 2012) and the production of the guidelines for teaching in implant dentistry in Europe (2009–2013). Professor Ucer commented, “Having the Postgraduate Certificate in Implant Dentistry awarded
by EduQual, a UK-regulated awarding body, has enhanced the credibility of the course, and provides our delegates with the reassurance and recognition they deserve”. {Back}

IFBI (International Forensics & Business Institute)

The International Forensics & Business Institute (IFBI) is an EduQual-approved Centre offering face-to-face and online learning for its EduQual-accredited courses. IFBI’s vision as a premier global leader of forensic and business training aims to make affordable and deliver quality programmes across the globe.

IFBI offers its unique, specialised Professional Graduate Diploma in Certified Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection, allowing learners to operate at a professional level in conducting forensic accounting investigations and issuing forensic reports. This course is also available at the postgraduate level for learners who wish to advance their own careers, and both courses have global relevance and appeal. According to Glenn Parmassar, Head of Centre at IFBI: “These are unique, globally valued and highly prestigious programmes.”

In addition to offering a variety of other programmes and services, including online workshops, IFBI offers a full range of EduQual- accredited courses, which include:

1. Advanced Diploma in CSI Forensic Science (EduQual Level 5)
2. Advanced Professional Diploma in Certified Forensic Counterfeit Examination (EduQual Level 5)
3. Graduate Diploma in Financial Investigations, Criminal Justice, Security & Business Management (EduQual Level 6)
4. Professional Graduate Diploma in Certified Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection (EduQual Level 6)
5. Postgraduate Diploma in Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection (EduQual Level 7)
6. Postgraduate Diploma in Successful Business Management & Leadership (EduQual Level 7)
7. Professional Graduate Diploma in Financial Accounting (EduQual Level 6)
8. Professional Graduate Diploma in Internal Auditing (EduQual Level 6)
9. Professional Graduate Diploma in Risk Management and Compliance (EduQual Level 6)

Learners who are interested in pursuing any of IFBI’s EduQual-accredited courses can visit their website at International Forensics & Business Institute for more information. {Back}

IIMT Studies (International Institute of Management and Technical Studies)

Located in Ahmedabad, Burly Institute of Global Education and Research Pvt Ltd. trading as International Institute of Management and Technical Studies (IIMT Studies) is EduQual’s first approved Centre in Ahmedabad, India. The IIMT Studies Chairman, Manoj R Thakkar stated: “We were delighted when EduQual agreed to consider accrediting and awarding a selection of our pre-graduate, graduate and postgraduate-level courses relating to Management, Computing, Engineering and Health and Safety. We believe our partnership with EduQual will provide our Learners with exciting new global opportunities in both higher education and employment.” {Back}

iLearn Engineering

iLearn Engineering is a UK Centre offering online / distance-learning courses in a range of engineering disciplines. All courses have been developed to meet the demands of modern engineering companies, ensuring Learners have the necessary knowledge and skills to continue in Higher Education or to boost their career prospects within the international engineering industry.

The awards issued by EduQual include the Higher International Certificate in Engineering (EduQual Level 4) and the Higher International Diploma in Engineering (EduQual Level 5), both 120 EduQual credits – specialisms include:
● Mechanical Engineering
● Electrical and Electronic Engineering
● Aerospace Engineering
● Manufacturing Engineering
● General Engineering

Shorter courses (40 EduQual credits) are also available where Learners can achieve a Diploma in Engineering at EduQual Levels 4 or 5 – these shorter courses are composed of a wider range of topics, including aircraft design, thermofluids, engineering management and lean manufacturing. Holders of a 40-credit award may also be given advanced standing towards the longer (120-credit) courses.

iLearn Engineering offers a unique opportunity to study for a Higher Education award in engineering by remote distance learning anywhere in the world, with no fixed deadlines or exams required. The teaching staff are Chartered Engineers, scientists and academics with many years of industrial and teaching experience. {Back}

INEX (Institute of Nursing Excellence), Trinidad and Tobago

The Institute of Nursing Excellence (INEX) in Trinidad and Tobago is an educational institution with aspirations to develop effective healthcare systems, and particularly to the advancement of the nursing profession.

Founder and programme director Nisha Nedd said: “INEX’s status as an EduQual-approved Centre has enhanced our ability to provide a high-quality educational experience while maintaining a focus on the well-being and professional development of our learners. It has given us international recognition, and confirms the suitability of our EduQual-accredited, customised Certificate in Clinical Leadership.” {Back}

Khawarizmi Training Solutions

Established in 1985, Khawarizmi Training Solutions, formerly known as the Continuing Education Center at Al Khawarizmi International College, is a leading provider of training and professional development for individuals and the corporate sector in the UAE. Khawarizmi Training Solutions CEO, Khaldoun Hamida, stated: “We’ve been successfully running the EduQual suite of Business Skills programmes for many years – our learners benefit from acquiring a wide range of knowledge, skills and understanding required to succeed in business”. {Back}

Kings High School for Girls

Set in a beautiful historic setting in the heart of Warwick, England, Kings High School for Girls is a selective, girls’ independent day school with over 600 pupils. Kings High Headmaster, Richard Nicholson, stated “Following a rigorous process, the King’s Baccalaureate is accredited by EduQual. Our partnership with EduQual has enabled us to develop and strengthen the Baccalaureate, a unique qualification which promotes a range of skills that are highly sought after by universities and employers”. {Back}

Lincoln University of Business and Management

Based in UAE, Lincoln University of Business and Management (LUBM) provides working adults with an opportunity to achieve professional, cutting-edge qualifications. The main goal of LUBM is to provide learners with a high-quality, cost-effective education. Krunal Trivedi, LUBM Chief Operating Officer, said “We have utilised the EduQual Customised Qualification Service and now offer a full suite of accredited programmes that have been designed to meet local, national and regional needs”. {Back}

London School of International Business

London School of International Business (LSIB) delivers a range of EduQual’s SCQF credit-rated Diplomas via their campus in New Delhi, India. LSIB Executive Director, Ankur Chaudhary, said “The EduQual Diplomas provide our learners with an affordable and flexible route to globally-recognised Bachelors and Masters degrees, awarded by British universities, which can be completed without actually leaving LSIB!”. {Back}

Metro Education

Based in Shanghai, China, Metro Education is a collaborative partner of the University of Northampton. Metro also delivers EduQual qualifications in partnership with teaching institutions throughout China, such as the Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance. EduQual has approved Metro to run standard SCQF credit-rated EduQual Diplomas as well as two customised higher-level Diplomas (International Banking and Finance, and Business and Management), and two further customised higher-level Diplomas in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing and Management. {Back}

National Institute of Engineering & Technology

Based in Bangladesh, the National Institute of Engineering & Technology (NIET-UK) currently offers two specialised, customised diplomas in nursing and healthcare management: the Higher Diploma in Nursing and Healthcare Management (EduQual Level 4), and the Higher Diploma in Nursing and Healthcare Management (EduQual Level 5). {Back}

Sankhya Analytical Research

Based in Mumbai, India, Sankhya Analytical Research is a well-established data analytics company offering a range of Statistics-based consultancy and training services. Founder and MD, Vinayak Deshpande commented, “The Data Science industry spans many industries, from retail to government to biotech. Data Science is gaining unprecedented traction in the job market, as Big Data, data analytics, data mining and machine learning become more relevant to the mainstream IT industry. Around the world, organisations are desperate to recruit skilled data professionals – without doubt, obtaining accreditation from EduQual for our postgraduate-level Diploma in Data Science has reinforced the credibility and value of the course”. {Back}

School of Economics and Law

The School of Economics and Law (SOEL) is a socially-responsible not-for-profit college based in South London. The EduQual Diplomas in Academic Administration were developed in partnership with SOEL and are accredited by SQA-Accreditation, a UK qualifications regulator. SOEL CEO Toaha Qureshi (MBE) commented, “The Diplomas should provide learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding required for a successful career in UK Higher Education Administration. Learners should also be well-placed to ‘top-up’ their Diplomas to a Bachelors degree, awarded by a British university”. {Back}

School of Practical Accounting

The School of Practical Accounting (SPA) has been contributing to the development of human resource capital in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region since 1994. SPA is a registered not-for-profit institution with a main objective of providing high-quality educational opportunities to its learners. The courses offered by SPA provide practical application and skill development in the accounting, business, engineering, IT and medical sectors. SPA’s CEO, Marissa Nobee, said:
“Becoming an approved EduQual Centre and gaining EduQual customised course accreditation for our range of courses provides a guarantee to SPA’s customers that their achievements are meeting and surpassing global educational standards.” {Back}

Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management

The Shahani Group has been an active player in education in India since 1950 and is currently involved with over 20 iconic colleges in Mumbai, including Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, HR College, KC College, Jaihind College, MMK College and CHM College. The Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management focuses on developing learners, providing a globally relevant curriculum in an innovative teaching environment. Group CEO, Akhil Shahani stated “In EduQual we have found an awarding body that matches our own vision of providing world-class education”. {Back}

Tipton Training

Tipton Training is one of the UK’s largest and most well-established private providers of high-quality dental training – their world-renowned team have been delivering training to qualified dentists for almost 30 years. Tipton offer learners a wide range of EduQual-accredited postgraduate-level qualifications, in areas such as aesthetics, restorative, implantology and prosthodontics. Tipton Training owner, Professor Paul Tipton stated “Learners who successfully complete our training courses receive qualifications awarded by a recognised, regulated awarding body, EduQual – this recognition adds significant value to our courses and provides reassurance to all stakeholders”. {Back}

Arab Union for Human Resources (UHRDA Education)

The Arab Union for Human Resources (UHRDA) runs EduQual’s first approved Centre in Egypt. Essam Serry, the Vice Chairman of the British Centre for Transnational Education and Training (BCTET) which operates through UHRDA, stated: “Our world-class facilities and international partnerships enable us to fulfil our aim of making high-quality British education accessible to Egypt’s young population.” {Back}

V-Formation Training and Development

V-Formation Training and Development is an approved EduQual centre in Trinidad and Tobago. Under the inspirational leadership of Tony Ragoonanan, V-Formation empowers people with the knowledge, skills and understanding required to add value to their professional and personal lives as well as to society in general. Consequently, EduQual has accredited a customised V-Formation Management training course. Learners who successfully complete this course gain the Award in Supervisory Management (EduQual Level 4). {Back}

Westford School of Management

Established in 2009 and with its Head Office in Sharjah (UAE), Westford School of Management is an established education and training provider in the region. The centre is currently running a wide range of higher-level EduQual-accredited Management programmes relating to a variety of sectors, including Media, Healthcare, Engineering, Marketing and Business. CEO, Firoz Thairinil said “EduQual are true to their values – they have frequently demonstrated their flexibility as they clearly understand a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to providing qualifications will not work. It’s been a pleasure working with the EduQual team and we’ve seen significant business growth as a result of their ongoing guidance and support”. {Back}

World Academy for Research and Development

In August 2018, we approved the World Academy for Research and Development in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to deliver two customised postgraduate-level programmes in Human Resource Management. Mr Rupak Zaidi (WARD HR, Training & Org Development Specialist) said: “Our collaboration with EduQual reinforces our desire to develop a wide range of professionals and organisations in Bangladesh and beyond.” {Back}