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Our partnership with EduQual has enabled us to develop, strengthen and accredit our Baccalaureate, a bespoke qualification which promotes a range of skills that are highly sought after by universities and employers.

Bespoke Awards

EduQual Customised Awards Service (ECAS)

The EduQual Customised Awards Service (ECAS) allows you to develop courses that are tailored to your needs. This is ideal if you’re in a highly specialised business, or you’re operating in a unique market where our existing ‘off-the-shelf’ qualifications don’t quite meet your requirements.

We will guide you through the development of the course specification including the assessment material. Customised awards can be made up of small or large blocks of learning, pitched at any level and relate to any sector / subject area.

Learners will receive certificates from EduQual that can also display your organisation’s branding.

Customised awards can help you to increase skills levels in your workforce. If they are competence-based, they also allow you to demonstrate that your people are competent. They can help formalise procedures, strengthen employee confidence, strengthen relationships between candidates and management, and provide a positive experience and formal recognition.

If you have specialist skills or have your own in-house training programme that would benefit from third party recognition, then we are here to help.

We are an internationally recognised awarding body and trusted to assure the quality of training, so your business will benefit from recognising the learning your people require. Customised awards can help recognise unique expertise too and fulfil regulatory compliance. Awards can also be designed to recognise in-house training.

Customised awards are unique to you and owned by your organisation.

What are the benefits to my organisation?

There are several benefits to your organisation for creating a customised award, including:

  • Creating a truly bespoke award
  • Accredit your own learning and obtain recognition for it
  • Exclusively your own award
  • Help you achieve business objectives
  • Increase skills levels in your workforce and improving work practices and motivation
  • Assist the management and development of human resource functions
  • Provide recognition and development opportunities for employees
  • Help meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate the competence of your employees to external parties


Here’s what some of our customers say…

“The EduQual-endorsed higher-level Diploma in Orthodontics (EduQual level 7), delivered by Cfast in conjunction with Academic and Clinical Excellence in Orthodontics (ACE) is aimed specifically at the general dental practitioner and designed to fit easily around the busy schedules of those in general practice.”
Dr Biju Krishnan, Founder, Cfast, UK

“Our suite of EduQual-endorsed Customer Service awards enables our clients to deliver a world-class service that improves brand loyalty, attracts and retains customers and reduces costs.”
Stephanie Edwards, Director, Customer 1st, UK

“We have worked with many UK awarding organisations in the past, but the day-to-day service provided by EduQual is second to none. Always quick to respond, they are professional and affordable, without compromising quality.”
Diane Irvine, CEO, HC Skills International, UK

“Having the Certificate in Implant Dentistry awarded by EduQual, a UK-regulated awarding body, has enhanced the credibility of the course, and provides our delegates with the reassurance and recognition they deserve.”
Professor Cemal Ucer, Director, ICE, UK

“Following a rigorous process, the King’s Baccalaureate is endorsed by EduQual. Our partnership with EduQual has enabled us to develop and strengthen the Baccalaureate, a unique qualification which promotes a range of skills that are highly sought after by universities and employers.”
Richard Nicholson, Headmaster, Kings High School for Girls, UK

“We have utilised the EduQual Customised Awards Service and now offer a full suite of endorsed courses have been designed to meet local, national and regional needs.”
Krunal Trivedi, Chief Operating Officer, Lincoln University of Business and Management, UAE

“Here at Metro, learners who complete our EduQual-endorsed Business and Management Diplomas progress onto the final stage of degrees awarded by a well-known British university.”
Eugene Tan, CEO, Metro Education, China

“Obtaining endorsement from EduQual for our higher-level Diploma in Data Science has reinforced the credibility and value of our training course.”
Vinayak Deshpande, MD, Sankhya Analytical Research, India

“Our EduQual-endorsed Diplomas provide learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding required for a successful career in UK Higher Education Administration. Learners should be well-placed to ‘top-up’ their Diplomas to a Bachelors degree, awarded by a British university.”
Toaha Qureshi (MBE), CEO, School of Economics and Law, UK

“Learners who successfully complete our training courses receive awards awarded by a recognised, regulated awarding body, EduQual – this recognition adds significant value to our courses and provides reassurance to all stakeholders.”
Professor Paul Tipton, owner, Tipton Training, UK

“Our EduQual-endorsed Award in Supervisory Management empowers people with the knowledge, skills and understanding required to add value to their professional and personal lives as well as to society in general.”
Tony Ragoonanan, CEO, V-Formation Training and Development, Trinidad & Tobago

“EduQual are true to their values – they have frequently demonstrated their flexibility as they clearly understand a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to providing qualifications will not work. It’s been a pleasure working with the EduQual team and we’ve seen significant business growth as a result of their ongoing guidance and support.”
Firoz Thairinil, CEO, Westford School of Management, UAE

Next Steps

If you would like more information on how EduQual can help you develop and provide bespoke awards, please call us on +44 20 3393 8161 or simply send us a message using the form below.

Bespoke Awards