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Caribbean Centres

Despite changing relationships, an increased influence from other parts of the world… and the interference of a global pandemic, trade links between the UK and the Caribbean are as buoyant as ever. Opportunities for bilateral trade are still aplenty as are our shared interests, challenges and values… none more so than the desire for high quality education and training.

Since EduQual’s inception in 2014, we have been committed to raising standards in the Caribbean by enhancing the knowledge, skills and understanding of a wide range of Learners across the entire region. We are immensely proud of the progress we’ve made which includes working with many colleges and training providers – from the Cayman Islands and Jamaica, down to Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana – to deliver a variety of qualifications and courses in subjects/sectors relating (but not limited!) to Business, Management, Engineering, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, Healthcare and Medical Technology.

In keeping with our core values of flexibility and affordability, we understand that our standard qualifications may not meet the specific needs of stakeholders in the Caribbean region – hence, we operate a highly successful customised course endorsement service which enables us to work closely with our customers to develop, endorse and award courses which are unique and fit-for-purpose, meeting local and regional industry requirements. We also recognise the impact of the pandemic on the economies of countries in the region, and the financial strain on Learners and Centres – as such, we strive to ensure our fees are kept as low as possible without ever compromising quality.

Our continued success in the region would not be possible without a committed and talented workforce, none more so than our regional representative Azra Nathudkhan who has been a valuable member of the EduQual team since 2015.

Based in Trinidad, Azra is a well-known, popular and respected education and training professional with a passion for enhancing customer service levels throughout the region.



EduQual-approved Centres

The following is a list of EduQual-approved Centres active in the Caribbean region:

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