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• For Centres

How do I find out about becoming a recognised EduQual centre?

To apply to be a recognised EduQual centre, please go to our Become an approved Centre page.

How do I get replacement certificates for my learners?

To request replacement certificates for your learners please contact us at

Please note: the first replacement certificate will be provided free of charge (administration and shipping) however any subsequent requests may incur additional charges to cover our own costs.

Can EduQual qualifications be studied in the workplace?

Learners taking EduQual units or qualifications may be employed or on a work placement. As our assignments are vocationally relevant, the work place provides an excellent source of information which learners may use in assignments.

There will also be cases where observation in the work place may form part of the evidence provided to demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

Centres that plan to use work placements as part of the learning can find guidance in our Centre Handbook.

How do we register learners?

Learners are registered using your individual Centre portal account. To help with the smooth running of your registration process, we strongly recommend that you read the EduQual Registration Portal Handbook before registering your learners.

Alternatively our head office would be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Will the UK progression routes apply to my learners?

Yes, EduQual’s progression routes are the same wherever the qualification is achieved.


• For Learners

Who is EduQual?

EduQual is a UK awarding organisation. We offer innovative, relevant, yet affordable qualifications without compromising on quality. We are a dedicated team of UK-based education professional possessing many years of experience in developing, delivering and awarding qualifications and in learning technology. In essence we provide: Qualifications for the digital age.

How do I know when I am registered with EduQual?

When you are registered with EduQual, a Learner Handbook and ID card will be sent to your college. In the first instance, please contact your college directly if you have not received these. Our EduQual policy states that learners are required to be registered within 28 days of starting their courses.

If you are looking to receive an update on your registration, please complete and submit our contact form and one of our colleagues will be happy to help provide you with more information.

When am I going to get my certificate?

This will depend on your centre. Once assessment and internal verification have taken place at your centre, results have been submitted and the relevant fees have been paid by your centre, EduQual usually takes around 14 days to verify learner work and issue certificates.

To help manage this process, please keep in contact with staff at your centre, as they will be able to update you about when your certificate ought to arrive.

How do I get a replacement certificate from my EduQual centre?

If you have lost or damaged your certificate, please contact your local centre to request a replacement. Please note that your centre may apply administration or postage costs in connection with the replacement certificate. They will be happy to advise you on these and any other aspects of this.

Please note: there is an application form and procedure for all replacement certificates and applications are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Learners MUST contact the centre with whom they were registered when they were awarded their certificates. The centre will apply on the learner’s behalf.
  2. Replacements are only issued when EduQual has first received the damaged/misprinted certificate.
  3. In the case of lost or destroyed certificates, applications will be dealt with as usual on a case-by-case basis.

I have a complaint about my centre. What should I do?

EduQual cannot respond to complaints directly from learners unless your centre’s complaints procedure has been fully explored. If this is the case you can contact us with your name, date of birth, centre name, EduQual learner ID and the details of your complaint.

Please note that EduQual is only able to respond to complaints about centres regarding the delivery, assessment and quality assurance of EduQual qualifications.