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EduQual’s high-quality qualifications have been ably supported by their reliability and professionalism as an Awarding Organisation.


Standard Qualifications

EduQual has an evolving range of standard qualifications. These are created to meet the needs of both those who are not yet operationally effective in their fields, through to middle manager positions and senior management roles with responsibility for the running of the business.

EduQual’s standard qualifications are divided into the following suites:

Customised Qualifications

The EduQual Customised Qualifications Service (ECQS) helps us to work with centres to design, develop and award qualifications that meet specific needs.

Customised qualifications may be made up of small or large blocks of learning.

The level of a customised qualification is mapped across a range of frameworks, leading to recognition from third parties, such as UK universities including Anglia Ruskin University.

In addition, qualifications can be customised to meet specific employment or industry needs, underpinning recognised occupational standards in the process.