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Certificate in Strategic Islamic Finance

Qualification Title Certificate in Strategic Islamic Finance
EduQual Level 7
QCF / RQF / EQF Level * 7
Credits 15

* Equivalent level. See Qualifications Can Cross Boundaries for a comparison of the UK and European Qualifications Frameworks.

Whilst the principles underpinning Islamic Finance have existed for hundreds of years, the modern industry did not start to develop until 1975 with the establishment of the Islamic Development Bank. It has grown rapidly – in 2014 alone, the global market (measured by assets) grew by 12% to $2 trillion.

As Islamic Finance evolves to be more competitive and increasingly sophisticated, demand for Islamic Finance talent is set to grow. EduQual is keen to contribute to the expansion and enrichment of Islamic Finance knowledge, skills and understanding and as such, we have developed a postgraduate-level Certificate in Strategic Islamic Finance.

Programme Specification

This single-unit qualification is composed of 150 hours of learning and provides learners with an introduction to Islamic Finance and Banking. It covers all areas of Islamic Finance and Banking, including the prohibitions of taking or receiving interest, the prohibitions in masir and gharar, and Islamic banking fees and charges. The unit also introduces regulatory frameworks and applications of Sharia law.