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Certificate in Implant Dentistry (SCQF Level 11)

Qualification Title Certificate in Implant Dentistry
SCQF Level 11
QCF / RQF / EQF Level * 7
Credits 60

* Equivalent level. See Qualifications can Cross Boundaries for a comparison of the UK and European Qualifications Frameworks.

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) is the national qualifications framework for Scotland. This qualification is credit-rated for the SCQF by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). See the SCQF Qualifications Database for the full list of EduQual’s SCQF credit-rated qualifications.

Programme Specification

This qualification is aimed at the higher educational needs of General Dental Practitioners who intend to introduce digital dentistry as a treatment modality into their practice or to expand on existing knowledge and skills. It also instils the core skills essential for the professional practice of dentistry using new technologies and a commitment to lifelong learning.

The objective is to provide dental surgeons with the core knowledge and clinical skills essential for the delivery of competent, high quality dental care in accordance with GDC and other internationally recognised guidelines. Additionally, it is to promote an understanding of the different requirements essential to the provision of ethical, predictable and evidence-based preventative, orthodontic, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Ultimately to improve the patient’s experience and their care.

More specifically, upon completion of the qualification, Learners should have:

  • the knowledge to be able to screen for medical conditions that have total and partial contraindications for surgical dentistry
  • comprehensive knowledge of the anatomy of the head and neck, and their associated vital structures
  • the ability to extract teeth safely and confidently, and deal with simple complications such as root fractures
  • the ability to raise mucoperiosteal flaps and suture post surgically confidently, and
  • sound pharmacological knowledge regarding the implications of medications and agents used in general medicine, and their implications for patients undergoing surgical dentistry (and also detailed knowledge of medications and agents likely to be encountered, and required to be administered during dental surgical procedures).

Sample Certificate

SCQF L11 Cert-ID Certificate Sample_Page_1