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Medical Technology (MedTech) and Healthcare

EduQual is developing a suite of Medical Technology and Healthcare qualifications in partnership with HC Skills International Ltd, a leading provider of compliance-driven, competence-based MedTech training programmes in the UK. The qualifications will meet the needs of experienced senior practitioners, and individuals who are not yet operationally competent in their chosen field.

All our MedTech qualifications are designed to facilitate progression to higher levels within an organisation through the development and enhancement of professional competencies and skills.

EduQual’s MedTech qualifications are SCQF credit-rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), ensuring they are of the highest quality.

The Award in Access to Operating Theatres (SCQF Level 8) is our first offering with more MedTech and Healthcare qualifications coming soon!

Award in Access to Operating Theatres (SCQF Level 8)

Qualification Title Award in Access to Operating Theatres SCQF Level 8 QCF / RQF / EQF Level * 5 Credits 3 * Equivalent level. See…

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