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We work with experts and leaders in the education and training sector to ensure that we maintain high standards across all our qualifications.

The EduQual Standards Committee and the EduQual Standards Review Group are instrumental in ensuring we meet these standards, and to the requirements of the qualification regulator(s) with whom we engage.

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee is composed of executive and non-executive Directors, all of whom possess the necessary expertise and experience required to govern EduQual’s business. The main objectives of the Standards Committee are to ensure that EduQual complies with the requirements for awarding bodies, as set out by UK qualifications regulators and other relevant stakeholders, and to oversee the validity of all EduQual qualifications.

See below for information about our Standards Committee members.

John Kerr

John KerrJohn is CEO of Kerr Consultants, a company that specialises in providing strategic educational consultancy across the sector. Projects include: advising the Saudi government; adviser for 8 UK universities on partnerships in South Asia; qualification and curriculum support for an Indian e-learning group, and; adviser for a UK awarding organisation on regulatory reforms.

John trained as a lawyer and held senior legal positions with the London Stock Exchange and the Financial Services Authority.

As CEO of Edexcel (now Pearson), the UK’s largest awarding organisation, John was responsible for leading the organisation through a period of rapid change, culminating in the sale of Edexcel’s business arm to Pearson. John was a director of ‘The Edge Foundation’, a charity formed as a result of the sale of Edexcel, and commissioned three city academies and the Edge Hotel School.

John holds a number of directorships in private education companies which specialise in utilising technology in education. A renowned public speaker, John is in much demand on the international circuit!

John Black

John BlackJohn held a number of senior roles in Pearson, including Head of Compliance and Director of International IP Governance, where he was responsible for protecting the copyright of all Pearson publications and materials.

Having spent over 20 years with the Police, John joined Pearson in 1999 where he was well-placed to head-up the Compliance team, responsible for all investigations into malpractice and for maintaining the integrity and status of all Pearson qualifications.

Driving Pearson’s Self Evaluation Reporting system, John was responsible for monitoring and reporting to the ‘Executive’ on performance against regulatory standards. He was instrumental in ensuring that Pearson (formerly Edexcel) was one of the first UK awarding organisations to achieve Ofqual recognition.

John continues to be active in the field of legal and investigative work, including the provision of training in investigative techniques and presenting on behalf of the Federation of Awarding Bodies.

Jason Raife

Jason RaifeJason is an education professional with over twenty-five years’ experience in the Education, Training and Awarding sectors.

After graduating from University College London and Cardiff University, Jason began his career as a lecturer, followed by a lengthy spell working for Edexcel (now Pearson), which included a variety of managerial roles in qualification development, quality assurance, compliance and international business development. This breadth of experience, underpinned by the Warwick MBA, has since enabled Jason to make a significant contribution to the growth of many smaller UK awarding bodies.

Jason is currently the Chief Executive Officer of EduQual, a position he has held since the company’s formation in 2014. Jason lives in Wimbledon with his wife and four children and is an enthusiastic footballer and tennis player!

Dave Ruppenthal

Dave RuppenthalDave is an accomplished writer, speaker and trainer. He is currently MD of Quality for Qualifications Learning and Achievements Ltd (QQLA) and Director of Compliance, Quality and Qualifications in EduQual.

QQLA specialises in providing leadership and support to awarding bodies, particularly in relation to the acquisition and maintenance of regulatory recognition.

Dave frequently delivers presentations and training sessions on behalf of the Federation of Awarding Bodies, specialising in malpractice, maladministration, complaints and appeals. Dave also undertakes malpractice investigations on behalf of other awarding bodies.

As Director of Compliance, Quality and Qualifications in EduQual, Dave’s focus has been on the establishment and maintenance of robust quality assurance systems, leading to recognition of EduQual and its qualifications by a variety of stakeholders, such as universities, regulators and professional membership bodies. Dave is EduQual’s ‘Accountable Officer’ and Chairs the EduQual governing body, the Standards Committee.

Dave has had a long and rewarding career, which includes teaching in the secondary and FE sectors as well as in the Royal Air Force. He moved into the Awarding sector in the mid-90s, soon becoming the General Manager in Edexcel’s BTEC Further Education Business Unit.

Other EduQual Committees


Standards Review Group

The Standards Review Group (SRG) is composed of a mix of senior EduQual employees and experienced external Quality Assurance professionals. The SRG meets quarterly and ensures that EduQual delivers and awards qualifications to the standard expected by its stakeholders. Reporting to the EduQual Standards Committee (SC), the SRG monitor EduQual’s compliance with regulatory requirements, including the ongoing validity of all EduQual qualifications.

Qualification Validity Audit Committee

The Qualification Validity Audit Committee (QVAC) is a sub-committee of the SRG which meets quarterly to review and confirm the ongoing validity of all EduQual qualifications.

Centre Assessment and Awards Panel

The Centre Assessment and Awards Panel (CAAP) meet on a monthly basis to review the assessment-related decisions made by our team of External Examiners who moderate higher-level EduQual Business and Management Diploma qualifications. Members of the CAAP include senior EduQual Quality Assurance employees, and external academics (subject-specialists) currently employed in the Business schools of recognised British universities. The CAAP always has the final decision regarding the certification of learners.